Thunderbolt Hydro

Optimisation of damless design

Project Summary

Named after a nearby mountain, the Thunderbolt incorporates a suite of innovations to maximise its efficiency, viability, maintainability and ease of operation in a damless situation. The scheme has been in planning since mid-2015 and is due to be commissioned in April 2019.

All components, including penstock piping, hydroelectric turbine and electrical control systems are being manufactured exclusively in Regional Tasmania. The project is made possible with support by the Federal Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment Packages.

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  • Dam Storage – NIL
  • Pipe length: 2300m
  • Pipeline outside diameter: 900mm
  • Max design flow: 1400l/s
  • Head: 93.3m
  • Max output: 890kw
  • Annual generation: 4.6GWh
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