Platypus Power Station

Grid-connected run-of-river induction generator - first of its kind in Australia

Project Summary

The Platypus Power Station is small, simple yet cutting-edge. One of the first of its kind in Australia, this grid-connected run-of-river induction generator has been operating non-stop since June 2010. The scheme has been a catalyst for change in the small-scale hydro sector and has inspired many to develop their own DIY hydro with confidence. The Platypus Powerstation is available for viewing, by appointment.

Please contact us at any time for a chat about your small-scale hydro needs.

  • Constructed 2010
  • Dam Storage- Nil
  • Pipe length- 500m
  • Head- 30m
  • Penstock diameter- 300mm
  • Max designed flow- 70l/s
  • Max output- 15kw
  • Annual generation- 100MWh