About RPT

River Power Tasmania - Proudly Tasmanian Owned

Specialising in small-scale run-of-river systems

River Power Tasmania is a Tasmanian based small hydro developer and service provider. We specialise in small scale, run-of-river systems that supply energy to the grid. All our schemes incorporate modern design, environmentally friendly operation and industry-leading cost efficiency. We develop our own schemes and develop schemes for others.

Our services
  • Site suitability and feasibility assessments
  • Hydrological yield modelling and logging
  • Investment return analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Project management
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

Please contact us at any time for a chat about your small-scale hydro needs.

Features of a Run-of-River system

"Run-of-River" is a term that describes a hydroelectric scheme that has nil or minimal dam storage. Output varies with river flow, with the powerstation operating in synchrony with natural river flows.

  • Does not need a dam, so construction costs are vastly reduced
  • Does not have the environmental and social complications of a dam- land is not displaced, fish migration continues unabated, visual amenity is maintained
  • Operation and construction is relatively passive- the river continues to flow as before but with the power scheme diverting a proportion of flow through the turbine and returning back to the river
  • There is no change in water quality as it passes through the turbine, water returns back to the river unpolluted
  • All dams have a lifespan, without the dam a run-of-river scheme can operate indefinitely
  • Without a dam floods can still occur downstream, maintaining sediment movement and water quality
  • Head pressure is achieved by running a pipeline along the natural lay of the land, rather than building a dam behind the power station