Humboldt Power Station

Industry-leading sustainablility

Project Summary

The Humboldt River Power Station has received accolades from across the country for its simplicity, outside-the-box design and industry-leading environmental sustainability. Situated on the Humboldt River in South-West Tasmania, the Humboldt Power Station runs in synchrony with the natural flows from the river from which it receives its water. The Humboldt was constructed with the future in mind; it does away with any dam, weir or disruptive structure in the river, it utilises sophisticated computer-driven technology for its automation and continual environmental flow releases, and is constructed from modern materials sympathetic to the natural environment and the local community. The project was supported by the Federal Government’s Clean Technology Innovation Program, with grant funding made available to develop and commercialise the numerous innovations installed into the scheme by the company.

GreenPower Accreditation

The Humboldt River Power Station is proudly GreenPower accredited. For more information visit

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Humboldt Power Station is GreenPower Accredited
  • Constructed 2014
  • Dam Storage- Nil
  • Pipe Length- 2.3km
  • Head- 98m
  • Penstock Diameter- 710mm
  • Max designed flow- 700l/s
  • Max output- 540kw
  • Annual generation- 2.2GWh
  • GreenPower Accredited
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