Warburton Mini Hydro

Refurbishment and modernisation

Project Summary

The Warburton Mini Hydro was built in the 1930’s to supply electricity to the local township in Warburton, Victoria. The scheme was decommissioned a few years later and abandoned once the grid network reached the township. With the assistance of River Power Tasmania, the Warburton community is endeavouring to upgrade and refurbish the scheme and return it to its former glory. The upgrade includes the refurbishment of the old 1930’s Gilkes Turgo turbine, replacement of the powerhouse building, replacement of the penstock and modernisation of the intake. Modern electrical protection and control systems will be installed.

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  • Dam Storage- 23 megalitre
  • Max head- 149m
  • Designed Flow- 70l/s
  • Output- 40kw
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